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Oxygen Pearl
- HNM,Sky,Sea and Limbus (most scheduled events are in EU time).

OxygenRelics Pearl - Dynamis & Einherjar.
                 Dynamis - runs at 3:00 -3:30 P.M GMT+1 / 11:00 -11:30 A.M est on Tuesday & Friday.

                Einherjar - runs at 3:00 - 3:30 P.M GMT+1 / 11:00 - 11:30 A.M est on Sunday & Wedensday.

Dynamis & Einherjar both are not related to main Oxygen pearl both are based on point system with their own rules which you can check on the Forum.

Recruitment status:

Oxygen (HNM): Active Vetern Mage's.

Oxygenrelics Dynamis: All jobs.(New members will get extra 5 point as a motivation for them)

Oxygenrelics Einherjar: Veteran Players.

                                                                        # 15th.July.2009~


Been 5 month!!

Snowolf the Galka, May 30, 09 2:16 AM.

D r a g o n ' s   A e r y

Nidhogg x4

Congratuations to:
Umibon & Rajian on Dalmatica.
Shinomari & Firedragon on Hecatomb Subligar.
Snowolf on Koenig Cuirass.


Congratuations to:

Teretha on Ridill.

B e h e m o t h ' s   D o m i n i o n 

King Behemoth x9

Congratuations to:
Umibon, Snowolf, Elagorn, Picka & Daniyel on Koenig Diechlings.
Luna, Sherill, Umibon, Elagorn, Ilhawkll, Kimikool, Rajian & firedragon on Pixie Earring.
Boxcar & Snowolf on Crimson Mask.

V a l l e y  o f  S o r r o w s 

Aspidochelone x6

Congratuations to:

Blaze, Daniyel & Snowolf on Dalmatica.
Luna, Umibon & Kimikool on Crimson Scale Mail.

W e s t e r n   A l t e p a   D e s e r t

King Vinegarroon x9

Congratuations to:

Biggi, Thelegendary, Cassi, Slayermitts, Kimikool, Hichiji & Rajian on Ace's helm.

M o u n t   Z h a y o l m 

Cerberus x7

Congratuations to:

Luna, Falon, Sayaa, Blaze & Slayermitts on Algol.

A t t o h w a  C h a s m 

Tiamat x7

Congratuations to:

Ebla & Kimikool on Herald's Gaiters.

C a e d a r v a   M i r e

Khimaira x 11

Congratuations to:

Daniyel, Thelegendary & Elagorn on Hauteclaire.
Biggi, Cassi, Rajian & Umibon on Seveneyes.

E i n h e r j a r 

Odin x2

Congratuations to:

Biggi & Dratikan on Koenig Cuirass.
Toothpicks on Crimson Mask.
Clod on Shadow Cuishes & Crimson Scale Mail.
Daniyel on Valhalla Breastplate.
Disgod on Shadow Coat & Shadow Hat.
Therien on Zenith Mitts.

R i v e r n e   -   S i t e   

Bahamut x4

Congratuations to:
Umibon on Bahamut's staff.

R a n d o m s

Tinnin x3

Congratuations to:

Disgod, Firedragon & Umibon on Enkidu's Cap.
Slayermitts on Shusui.
Firedragon on Enkidu's Harness.

Kirin x3

Congratuations to:

Ghy, Ragedocean and Biggi on Shura Togi.
Disgod and Shinomari on Kirin's Osode.
Disgod on Blood Cuisses.

Sarameya x4

Congratuations to:

Umibon, Clod, Sherill & Holland on Oracle's Cap.

KSNM99 - Early Bird Catches the Wyrm x10

Congratuations to:

Biggi on Speed Belt

New Year!!

Snowolf the Galka, Jan 24, 09 2:32 PM.

D r a g o n ' s   A e r y

N i d h o g g

Congratuations to:
Sherill, Slayermitts & Ghy on Dalmatica.
Teretha, Beldor & Clod on Adaman Hauberk.
Daniyel on Koenig Cuirass.

F a f n i r

Congratuations to:
Ilhawlk & Firedragon on Ridill.

B e h e m o t h ' s   D o m i n i o n

Congratuations to:
Falon on getting his Black belt done.
Disgod on Crimson Mask.
Disgod, Sanfoor, Snowolf, Shinomari & Daniyel on Pixie Earring.
Snowolf, Beldor & Clod on E:legs

T i a m a t

Congratuations to:
Picka on Herald's Gaiters.

R i v e r n e   -   S i t e

Congratuations to:
Narcissist on Bahamut's mask.
Kimikool on Bahamut's Staff.

R e l i c s

Congratuations to:
Llednari on Amanomurakumo & Daniyel on Apocalypse.

A l ' T a i e u

Congratuations to:
Ghy, Beldor, Firedragon, Shinomari & Ragedocean on Love torque.
Disgod on Hope torque.
Picka on Novio Earring.
Snowolf & Ghy on Novia Earring.

V a l l e y   o f   S o r r o w s

Congratuations to:
Elagorn & Ghy on M:feet.

L i m b u s  -  P r o t o   O m e g a

Omega feet - ahmed, Picka
Omega head - daniyel
Omega hands - Firedragon

It's been a long time :)

Snowolf the Galka, Oct 17, 08 8:23 PM.

It's really been along time since the last update >< but I know you guys still love me hehe :)

D r a g o n ' s   A e r y

ok lets talk about dragon aery our favorite area, got alot of Fafnir and 5 Nidhogg it's really awesome ,,,


Congratuations to:
Sherill and Firedragon on Adaman Hauberk.
Sanfoor on Dalmatica

Congratuations to Blaze & Ahmed on Neptunal Abj: leg (believe me that Blaze is wearing it)

Congratuations to Nathel, Snowolf and Biggi on Ridill.

A l ' T a i e u

Sea; it's been a while since we spend this much of time fighting on sea, did alot of jailers; five Justice,four Love, one Prudence and 1 Hope we all really had alot of fun out there for me it was 1st time to tank JoL as PLD/RDM it's pretty awesome hehe ,,,

Congratulations to:
Daniyel, Elagorn and Llednari on Justice torque.
Ilhawkll on Hope torque.
Zoroz on Prudence Torque.
Cassi on Novia Earring.
Picka and Ahmed on Love Torque.
Blaze on Novio Earring.

L i m b u s  -  P r o t o   O m e g a

We did about 3 Omega since the last update and alot of peaple have got there AF+1 ,,,

Congratulations to:
Sherill & Nathel on Homam Zucchetto.
Snowolf on Homam corazza.
Ahmed, Elagorn and Pika on Homam cosciales.
Narcissist on Homam gambieras

L i m b u s  -  P r o t o   U l t i m a

Well only did one Ultima but finally after 4 Ultima we got Nashira seraweels :)

Congratulations to:
Zoroz on Nashira manteel.
Thelegendary on Nashira seraweels.
Blaze on Nashira crackows.

W e s t e r n   A l t e p a   D e s e r t

It's been a while since last visit to the desert to see King Vinegarroon got 4 with 3 helm pretty nice . .

Congratulations to
Firedragon, Ahmed and Llednari on there Robocop helms.

M o u n t   Z h a y o l m

It's really nice to claim this three head dog, claimed 4 with 2 algol . . .

Congratulations to Firedragon and Teretha on Algol.

V a l l e y   o f   S o r r o w s

Aspidochelone, it's really nice HNM this turtle sometime I keep thinking whos tough Aspidochelone or Genbu :)

one Crimson Scale Mail been sold :)

Congratuations to Boxcar on Crimson Scale Mail and Smooky on Dalmatica

Oxygen Relic

Oxygen 1st relic sponser Aegis

Congratuations to Snowolf on Aegis.

In the end I would like to say to those peaple who left us after getting the drops, goodluck out there

                                Until next time . . .

                                    ~ Snowolf the Galka.

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